It started with a towel.

Brilliant, groundbreaking products are usually driven by a need. Coolcore started with a call from a theme park that needed a better cooling towel keep their customers hitting the rides during hot summer days.

Lot’s of companies make cooling fabrics. But, that towel assignment got us to thinking. “Wouldn’t it be great to make a towel that wicked away sweat and cooled people without the need for the spray-on chemicals used by others?” Six months later we had a cooling fabrics that not only cooled much better and was better for the environment, that little towel lasted much longer because there were no chemicals to wash out.

Coolcore Today

Today, Coolcore creates research proven performance fabrics that help people all over the world live an active, healthy lifestyle. You’ll find our fabrics in shirts, shorts, ice wraps, headbands, hats, shorts and a bunch of other products. But, we’ll never forget that it all started with that little towel.

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