Cooling Down to a Science

Coolcore fabrics wick sweat in every direction. That means the entire shirt is working to evaporate sweat and cool you. They also do a better job of circulating moisture and regulating evaporation. How much better you ask? Coolcore fabrics reduce temperature at the surface and move the moisture across the whole garment to prevent those wet, dark spots we are all so self conscious about.


Chemical-free cooling

Coolcore isn’t just saying “chemical-free” to be in the cool crowd. We are the real deal when it comes to the natural cooling process. Our competitors use cooling chemicals that are simply sprayed on the surface of the fabric.  With time, wear and some washing, the effectiveness of the garment has faded. The cooling technology is lost in as few as 20 washes.  Because Coolcore’s cooling technology is built right into the fibers, the cooling performance not only lasts for the life of the garment, it even improves with several washes.

Powered by Coolcore

We’re very proud that Coolcore became the first U.S. company to receive the prestigious Innovative Technology award from the Hohenstein Institute.  These guys are really serious about textiles and the science of cooling. What’s more, we’re the only company in the world to receive this award for Cooling Power. Hohenstein developed the WATson test which measures a fabric’s cooling and drying power. When tested against seven competitor fabrics and three other cooling technologies, Coolcore was the clear winner.

Technology Close up example

Coolcore® Wins “Best Innovation for Sports and Outdoor Apparel”

In addition to the award for “Best Innovation, Coolcore was named a finalist in the “Groundbreaking Partnership” category for its collaboration marketing launch programs. Coolcore fabric formulations have also earned the prestigious “Innovative Technology” recognition from the Hohenstein Institute, a first for a U.S. company, and the only company globally to be awarded this recognition for “Cooling Power.”