Women’s Running Bundle with T-Shirt

Navy 4in Ice and compression wrap

Dr. Cool Medium Wrap

Replace your traditional ice bag with a Medium 4″ Dr. Cool Ice Wrap. By combining compression and ice therapy this wrap can help to reduce swelling and speed recovery mid or post-workout. The Medium 4″ Dr. Cool wrap is an ideal elbow and knee ice wrap size and can also be used as a dry compression wrap to support and protect your body. The Dr. Cool Wraps are the perfect solution to any minor injuries that you may have.

ideal for - elbow, knee, ankle


Chill Sleeves

Dr. Cool's Chill Sleeves are the perfect accessory for anything from long runs to kayaking. Designed using Coolcore's breathable mesh fabric the Chill Sleeves provide maximum cooling and UV protection during your most strenuous activities. Unlike other cooling accessories the patented cooling fabrics used are chemical-free, so the cooling benefit never washes out. The Chill Sleeves are sold as a pair

Womens short sleeve v-neck - pink

Women’s Short Sleeve Cooling Shirt

The women’s cooling short sleeve v-neck shirt will keep you cool and comfortable wherever the day takes you. Dr. Cool uses a patented chemical-free cooling material designed by Coolcore that keeps you comfortable, dry and cool whether you’re in the yoga studio or on a long run. The surface temperature of the women’s short sleeve v-neck is reduced by up to 30% because the chemical-free moisture and sweat activated material provides three distinct functions – wicking, moisture circulation, and regulated evaporation. Unlike other workout shirts Dr. Cool is chemical-free, so the cooling benefit never washes out.


Product Description

This runner’s bundle comes with:

  • Women’s Cooling Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Medium Dr. Cool Ice + Compression Wrap
  • Chill Sleeve (2)

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