Boston Marathon Recap

It was a true honor being able to be a part of the 120th Boston Marathon weekend expo. Being a NH based company, we’ve spent many years admiring those who take part on Marathon Monday. Dr. Cool was very excited to participate at the weekend expo and to have the opportunity to meet many of the runners who took part this year. To us, each runner is an inspiration.

Even more special, two of our very own Dr. Cool ambassadors Becca Pizzi and Sarah Canney ran in this year’s marathon. It was Becca’s 16th Boston Marathon and Sarah’s very first, and we were happy to be there to support and cheer them both on! We are even more proud of how well they both did!

We loved being able to talk to all of the marathoners at the expo. It was great to hear what elite runners are looking for in their gear and how Dr. Cool products have helped them. A big accessory taking the running world by storm are arm sleeves. We had a lot of runners inquiring about our own chemical-free cooling sleeves.

If you haven’t tried running sleeves yet, you are missing out! Arm sleeves may look funny at first (“Why not just wear a long sleeve shirt??”), but they provide many benefits! Dr. Cool sleeves are made with Coolcore chemical-free cooling fabric. Because of this, the sleeves are a great added accessory to help regulate body temperature and keep runners cool. This way, they can expend more energy into their run rather than trying to cool down or heat up their body. Dr. Cool chemical-free cooling sleeves also have UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This is an important factor when doing any outdoor activities, specially runners who spend a lot of time in the sun each day training.  But why do marathoners specifically love arm sleeves? Long runs equal changes in weather. From the beginning of a marathon to the end of a marathon the temperatures can increase 5 to 10 degrees, as well as the change in your own body temperature due to increased exertion. This makes it difficult to dress for a race. For marathoners, arm sleeves help regulate body temperature and keep the runner warm during the beginning of the race, then can be easily slid up or down when the runner begins to heat up.

Check out Dr. Cool chemical free arm sleeves to see how our athletics really can have it all.