Dr. Cool Dazzles The Running Event in Austin, TX

The opportunity came by for Dr. Cool to exhibit at The Running Event in Austin, TX for the second year in a row as an exhibitor. For anyone who does not know, The Running Event, held annually in Austin, is considered the largest running specialty trade show in the world. Over 250 exhibitors and 1,000+ new products shown to specialty running retailers from all over the world in an effort to educate them on how to grow their businesses. In addition to 3 days of show exploration, 12 expert speakers are invited to educate the running community on the industry’s most pressing topics.

For us, The Running Event was an opportunity for us to present to people with an active lifestyle the best alternative in ice + compression on the market, as well as the chance to expand our specialty store distribution. For show goers who were not able to attend our first show last year or just did not make it to our booth, we were met with a lot of excitement and relief for runners and athletes.

Flashback to a super early Wednesday morning at specialty running store Luke’s Locker for the Sunrise Trail Run. It’s surprisingly chilly and grey for South Central Texas in early December. We set up our exhibitor table as presentable as possible for the onslaught of 150 or so runners ready to swarm our section for post-race ice + compression recovery. Luke’s Locker has been the main staple of the Sunrise Trail Run for a couple of years now. They are a Texas based company with many locations across the state. They’ve created an overwhelming support group for runners by providing them hi-quality products, special training as well as a sense of community delivering many events through out the year.

As winded and sweating runners came pouring in from the brisk trail run into our Dr. Cool recovery tent, we met some familiar faces from last years run as well as some new comers on their maiden voyage. Last year, we were the New Kids On the Block, this year, quite a few people had heard of Dr. Cool! Many were excited to try our industry renowned ice + compression wraps to take care of their post-race aches and pains! Frequently, runners deal with a vast array of injuries such as; runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, ankle sprains and other leg issues like cramping and hamstring pulls. Dr. Cool is grateful to be able to reduce swelling and speed up their post-race recovery with ice + compression. Overall, The Sunrise Trail Run was a great success!

The Running Event captures Dr. Cool in it’s element. Runners get injured and we can help in an easy, reusable and mobile fashion. We are looking forward to attending The Running Event and spreading the story of ice + compression for runners with new product offerings in 2015! For now check out our line of ice and compression wraps to help you recover and stay active.