NATA Athletic Trainers Expo Recap!

Last Week, Dr. Cool Wraps made an appearance at the 2014 NATA Conference (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) in Indianapolis, and it was a fantastic experience! This was our first time debuting the product to the athletic trainer community. Our presence was bolstered by the attendance of our very own Dr. Holmes in the booth. His proven background and expertise helped demonstrate the product and discuss specific treatment strategies.

The NATA brings in many athletic professionals from all across the country; we even talked to a woman from Alaska. People got to tell us about what they would like to see in the future and what they need to help better their practice. It was great to talk to all of the other vendors at the show and hear how their products and marketing efforts are evolving in the future. Everything from treadmills with bungees attached to massages beds for athletes (which we all gave a try!).

Dr. Cool happened to be showcased at the entrance of the show as one of the new and “up and coming products!” It was a momentous occasion to see our very own wraps next to all the other innovative products. The NATA offered a big opportunity for Dr. Cool Wraps to really shine and for our sales team to talk to big vendors in the athletic trainers’ world.
The best part of the show was talking to people who had never before seen our wraps. We were overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback; “Ice and compression all in one? Wait there isn’t a gel layer?” People were in awe at how simple the product looks and feels. Then when they felt the already frozen wraps they were even more blown away that…”Wow! it’s actually cold!” We aren’t called Dr. Cool for nothing! Seeing the surprise and enjoyment on people’s faces who had never heard of the product was great! It was best when we could help them out with an injury they had or provide them with wraps for athletes they take care of.

The show really gave us the ability to show the versatility of the wraps and it was clear they have a long and promising future.
It was very inspiring to hear everyone’s stories. From the other vendors talking about their products and how they hope to help out athletes and trainers alike, to those who were walking around talking about what they do, the different types of people they work with, or their own fitness journeys. Just a big show filled with people doing big things! All in all it was a great experience for us and we are looking forward to next years NATA show!