How To Treat Carpal Tunnel – Dr. Cool House Calls

Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a chronic condition that causes pain in the wrists due to the compression on an important nerve called the median nerve. This nerve runs through the wrist up the forearm. The carpal tunnel houses this nerve along with other tendons. The compression comes from the inflammation of this tunnel, squeezing what is inside. This can cause mild discomfort to extreme pain for many people and is often associated with excessive typing, working with vibrating tools or sleeping with a flexed wrist.

There are many potential problems including issues with the tunnel itself. For example, some people have smaller tunnels constricting the nerve and tendons. Trauma or injury to the area can also be the cause for swelling, and in some cases there is no exact cause to be found which can cause recovery problems. Symptoms can begin with burning or tingling in the wrist or fingers and then can increasingly intensify. The pain can vary from case to case. Some people have swelling in the fingers or can have the pain run up their arms. Others find as it increases they can have decreased grip and a difficult time holding things.

It is best to learn how to treat carpal tunnel as early as possible to hopefully stop the pain and discomfort from increasing. One common way to treat it is simply by using ice and compression to help reduce swelling and therefore pain. A wrist brace or wrap can be wore during sleep or during the activity that causes the pain. Also, performing exercises to stretch and strengthen the area, guided under a therapist who specializes in physical impairments can help take care of the problem. In some chronic cases, surgical procedures are necessary to reduce the restriction in the carpal tunnel.

The most important thing one can do is to not ignore the problem and treat it early!

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