How To Treat Shin Splints – Dr. Cool House Calls

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, more commonly known as Shin Splints, is known and dreaded by many athletes.  This syndrome most commonly affects runners and dancers alike.  It is caused by repetitive stress put on the shins from running and other high impact movements.  Shin splints can also be a common outcome caused by wearing bad shoes, running on hard surfaces, doing a lot of stop-and-go movement, or having flat feet. Symptoms of Shin Splints consist of tenderness, soreness or pain along the inner portion of your lower leg; in serious cases, inflammation and extreme discomfort may occur.

Though shin splints are the bane of existence in many athletes, they can be treated fairly simply.  Rest or limited activity along with ice and compression can mitigate symptoms. If needed, taking Ibuprofen can also help with pain and doubles as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling.

There are a multitude of ways you can prevent shin splints!  First, increase your workouts and their intensity gradually.  Big jumps in intensity can cause too much stress on your joints and ligaments.  Always remember to strengthen and stretch!  Tight calves and weak hips make more work for the shins, but if they are flexible and strong they will support them.   Finally, invest in good shoes and replace old worn ones, and if you have flat feet consider inserts. There are quite a few running shoe stores who work with customers on identifying the correct shoes based on their own gait and pronation.

Watch the video below to see how to treat shin splints with our 4″ Medium Dr.Cool Wrap.


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