Dr. Cool Wraps, A Mom’s Best Friend!

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! To all of our mom’s out there we want to send a genuine thank you for all of your hard work and care. Moms are some of the toughest, hardest working people around! Here at Dr.Cool we know, injuries or not, moms usually don’t have the privilege to take time off! That’s why Dr. Cool are the perfect ice wraps to help you recover and stay mobile!

Did you know the other ways Dr. Cool Wraps can help you out?

Dr. Cool Wraps are chemical free which makes them safe to use on kids of all ages! Our compression wraps are a great way to treat boo boos of all kinds! Our small wraps fit well on children from elbows to ankles! They come in a variety of fun colors, are reusable and are durable. Dr. Cool Wraps are definitely a lot easier than dealing with drippy ice packs. They provide the ideal ice time, eliminating skin burn and frost bite issues common with traditional ice packs. The best part though? Your child doesn’t have to be stuck on the couch or inside! Dr. Cool Wraps let your kids take their recovery on the go. Quick and easy for you and fun for your kids!

Besides being injury wraps, many of our moms have said that they find that the wraps work well to reduce fevers. Dr. Cool Wraps adjust to fit comfortably around foreheads, and the cold helps reduce fevers or even ease headache pain. Dr. Cool Wraps are simple to use and easy to clean!

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