Interview with Cincinnati Reds Prospect, Mikey O’Brien – Part 2

This is the final installment of our 2 part blog series with Cincinnati Reds prospect, Mikey O’Brien! Read Part 1.

From superstitions to recovery routines, Mikey O’Brien, a pitching prospect for the Cincinnati Reds, sat down with us to give us an inside look at Spring Training 2014. This season has been a long time coming for the Roanoke native, who was traded to the Reds in late 2013. A life-long baseball player, Mikey has been a highlighted prospect since being drafted by the Yankees right out of high school. Today, we get to learn a little bit more about the man himself and the reason why he wears the number 8.

DC: What do you usually include in your post-game recovery routine?

MIKEY: For me it’s… Running, shoulder strengthening, and then ice on my shoulder and elbow. Sometimes hoping in the cold tub really helps as well. Hate doing it, but it really does work. mikey-arm

DC: Having been in the minors since you were 18, what has been the most rewarding moment in your professional baseball career?

MIKEY: I would say just being drafted was the most rewarding… Growing up all every ballplayer dreams about is playing professional baseball. Just having the opportunity to put on a uniform every day is a reward in itself.

DC: This spring training season is big for you, how has your game changed since you were drafted in 2008?

MIKEY: I’ve have just learned so much about all aspects about the game, not just pitching. How to carry yourself on and off the field. The true meaning about being a professional.

DC: As a pitcher, you must have a routine before you take the mound – what does it look like?

MIKEY: All of us ballplayers are very superstitious… For me, I listen to my favorite song (Mark Morrison – Return of the Mack) before every game I pitch, when running out to the mound I jump over the foul line and always land with my left foot first, whenever I finish my warm-up pitches I look over my right shoulder then the left just to make sure my defense is ready (a habit a learned at a young age), then step on the mound and get ready to pitch. I’m weird…

DC: : Lastly, if you could play any player (dead, alive, retired, or current) who would it be?

MIKEY: I’d have to say Cal Ripken Jr., since he was the reason I wore #8 all my life.

HUGE Thanks to Mikey O’Brien for spreading the word of Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go™, check him out on the Cincinnati Reds roster this year when he mows down every batter he faces!