Interview with Cincinnati Reds Prospect, Mikey O’Brien – Part 1

From superstitions to recovery routines, Mikey O’Brien, a pitching prospect for the Cincinnati Reds, sat down with us to give us an inside look at Spring Training 2014. This season has been a long time coming for the Roanoke native, who was traded to the Reds in late 2013. A life-long baseball player, Mikey has been a highlighted prospect since being drafted by the Yankees right out of high school. Today, we get to learn a little bit more about the man himself and the reason why he wears the number 8.

DC: This is your first season with the Cincinnati Reds after being traded from the Yankees – how has the transition been?

MIKEY: The transition has been great so far. It’s been different that’s for sure. It’s almost as if I’m a new draft guy having to get a lay of the land, meeting and getting to know my new teammates and staff members.

DC: As you are in the midst of Spring Training 2014, what is one thing you wish fans knew about this part of the season?

MIKEY: Spring Training is a lot of fun, being away from the game all offseason; it’s always good to get back on the field with guys that love the game just as much. However, it is still very stressful, with pressure of going out and performing at your highest level trying to make a team, injuries can prolong that, also with teammates/friends getting cut. It’s a true “grind” every single day and all day long.

DC: Looking back at what you’ve learned and experienced, what advice would you give to younger baseball players?

MIKEY: Just to stay positive… Baseball is such a mental battle within yourself. Try to take something positive out of every single day, good or bad. Also, to let someone know if you are hurting.

DC: Speaking of injuries, how important is recovery after a game?

MIKEY: Recovery is the most important part of this game if you want to have a long successful career. Every player has a different routine what they like to do and to help them recover. Some it’s running to get blood flow, cold tub, ice, shoulder strengthening programs, etc. Just depends on the player and what works for them.

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