Taking On New Challenges!

The beginning of the year is a time that most people decide to make a commitment to health and fitness, but really anytime is the best time to start!  Pick a time when you know you can dedicate the time and effort without being over whelmed.  So don’t wait until next year, begin a new challenge today! Many people do not prepare correctly or set their goals too high and quick early on. So we have a few tips to help you succeed and achieve your goals when you’re ready!

  1. Prepare!
    1. Make sure you are ready! If you are looking to give up a certain food, make sure it isn’t in your house. If you want to work out, buy yourself a new comfortable workout outfit like one of our new cooling shirts to keep you cool while you burn some calories! Check in with yourself and make sure that you are ready to take on a new challenge for yourself, if you aren’t then wait till you are ready! You can start a new challenge at any time.
  2. Break it up!
    1. Don’t try and jump right into running a marathon or losing 30lbs in the first week, make a plan and take it in realistic steps. If you want to run a marathon but haven’t ran a 5k yet start one mile at a time! Break up your big goal into week by week smaller goals. This is more realistic and you will be more likely to achieve what you set up to be!
  3. Be flexible!
    1. Be kind to yourself! You are making a decision to challenge yourself, so if you hit some bumps don’t give up! You can do this! Just keep on keeping on and stay positive! Life is unpredictable and plans change so take everything as it comes and do your best.
  4. Buddy up!
    1. Don’t think you can do this on your own? Grab a buddy! Having someone else to hold you accountable can make the world of a difference. Plus, you’re in it together which makes everything easier! Don’t have a buddy? Don’t worry about it! Social media is another great way to be held accountable. You can post your progress and use relevant hashtags to find others who are working towards the same goals!
  5. Have fun!
    1. Making a positive change in your life should be exciting and fun! It isn’t about punishing yourself but about lifting yourself up and achieving a goal for yourself! Enjoy every step of it! Make it fun! Reward yourself as you make steps towards your goals.

Make your commitment to living a healthy life a happy one! Make it fun and make it about you! You deserve it!\