National MS Awareness Month: Staying Active with Multiple Sclerosis

For many, March simply means the end of winter, the height of college basketball season, or the beginning of Major League Baseball. However, our third month of the year is also used to commemorate certain occasions like National Women’s History Month, or bring awareness to important issues like National MS Awareness Month.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system. It can directly affect an individual’s ability to navigate through daily life, and impacts those who have it on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

While there are treatments and therapies designed to limit the effects of the disease, there is no known cure, which makes National MS Awareness Month so important to the people who live with it and their families.

While many people find ways to cope with the effects of MS in everyday life, trying to stay active while having the disease presents a different challenge. As the nervous system is affected by MS, it can be difficult to maintain sufficient energy levels, body temperature, and even body movement in general. While Dr. Cool’s chemical-free cooling products can help solve some of the overheating issues that athletes with MS deal with, they still face challenges when trying to do the things they love.

However, there are many people with MS who choose not to give up. They realize their challenges and push their limits, and even though they have MS, they refuse to let it stop them. At Dr. Cool, we’re incredibly honored to have three such people on our team of ambassadors.

Runners Marisol Beigert and Cheryl Hile, along with mountain biker Lindy Haaglund all battle multiple sclerosis. This March, for National MS Awareness and Education month, we sought their help in understanding what life is like as an athlete with MS, and how they resolve themselves to accomplish their goals while dealing with the disease’s effects.

Stay tuned for more posts with insights from Cheryl, Lindy, and Marisol, as we celebrate our ambassadors and all others who find the strength to overcome their multiple sclerosis diagnosis!