Tips for Running in the Heat

August weather typically means hot sticky days that can make it difficult to take part in your daily runs. In some cases, the heat can even be dangerous. Here are a few tips to stay cool and safe during your hot weather runs.

  1. Wear light clothing: Dr. Cool shirts are a must have for warm weather runs! These chemical-free cooling shirts will keep you cool and comfortable during some of the hottest days so you can perform your best. What’s even better is that since they’re chemical-free the cooling benefits will never wash out.
  1. Hydrate: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water before and after your run so that your body can function properly and keep you cool. Dehydration effects your body in many ways, and can cause a lack of energy, so it’s important to drink lots of water on hot days.
  1. Run in the morning or evening: schedule your runs for early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun isn’t as strong and temperatures are cooler. If the only time you can run is during the heat of the day, make sure to run in the shade!
  1. Run near water: If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean, lake or river move your run along the water. Besides having lovely views, temperatures tend to be cooler by bodies of water.
  1. Sun screen: If you are running in the sun, always remember to protect your skin from sunburns. Applying sunscreen keeps your skin safe. Besides cooling, Dr. Cool apparel also contains UPF protection. We told you our cooling shirts are a must have for summer activities!
  1. Wear a hat: The top of your head is a big temperature regulator (hence why you wear hats in the winter to keep heat in). This works as well in the summer if you are using a cooling hat, such as the Dr. Cool cooling hats. Besides using your sweat to keep you cool, hats also catch sweat so that it stays out of your face, and provides you with shade and protection from the sun.
  1. Slow down: Warmer weather can slow your pace. So don’t fight it, slow down and enjoy your run!

Most importantly, have fun and listen to your body. If it is too hot out or you begin to feel sick, stop! Now go enjoy the summer and run cool!