Fabric Tech Explained!

Have you ever wondered how the Coolcore Technology in Dr. Cool Wraps, Cooling Shirts and Accessories work, and why they are the only cooling fabric to receive the Innovative Technology award from the Hohenstein Institute for “Cooling Power”?

First let’s back up and talk about moisture-wicking performance fabrics.  Check out this video put out by Hip Science which explains the technology of moisture wicking in a fun and informative way!  The process of wicking draws water or sweat away from the body by the process of capillary action.  Capillary action is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is common among plants.  This action is used to draw water from the ground up through the veins of a tree, flower or any other plant.   The video uses a common science experiment of watching water with blue dye in it being sucked up a celery stock. Once the water reaches the top of the plant or its leaves, the water then evaporates to keep it from flowing back down the plant.  For capillary action to work there must be cohesive forces and adhesive forces. Adhesive force is when one thing is attracted to another and capillary tubes are hydrophilic which means water loving.  Because of this, water adheres to the inside of the tube basically sucking the water up. The cohesive part happens in the water around the capillary tube when the water molecules begin to stick and travel together creating a steady flow.

This process works in moisture wicking clothing by drawing the sweat away from your body toward the outer surface of the fabric.  Once the sweat reaches the top layer of the t-shirt, it begins to evaporate quickly.  The shirt does this by containing fibers that are both hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (water repelling), while also creating pathways in the fabric construction for the moisture to move.

Rather than a simple wicking technology, our chemical-free Coolcore fabric delivers three distinct functions – moisture wicking, moisture circulation, and regulated evaporation – to reduce the fabric’s surface temperature by up to 30% lower than skin temperature. Instead of the one-way street, like the celery stock sucking up water and then the water evaporating at the leaves, Dr. Cool Cooling shirts use a proprietary construction to circulate the water throughout the shirt.  By moving the moisture throughout the shirt, Dr. Cool uses your own sweat to get the Dr. Cool shirt up to 30% cooler than your skin temperature.  Most importantly, we are chemical-free, so the cooling performance never washes away!

Other shirts might keep you dry but dry does not mean cool!  Dr. Cool technology goes beyond just moisture wicking.  We’ve taken it to a whole new level so that not only is your sweat wicked away but your body temperature is regulated.  By doing this Dr. Cool helps keeping you going longer through every game, workout, or simply while you’re running errands around town!

Check out our video showing how Coolcore technology works