Becca Pizzi’s Training Tips for Runners

If you’ve been following Dr. Cool through our blog or on our social media channels lately, you’ve likely heard of Becca Pizzi. Becca is one of our talented Ambassadors, and her story is a testament to dedication and hard work. As she continues on her quest to run a marathon in all 50 states (spoiler alert: she’s already completed 27), she’s preparing to face her biggest challenge ever, the World Marathon Challenge! If you’re not familiar with the World Marathon Challenge, it requires entrants to run seven marathons in seven days on seven different continents. She’ll be the first American female to run in the race, and aims to be the first American female to finish it!

Only the most disciplined, experienced, and devoted runners can complete a challenge like this one, and Becca is no exception to those prerequisites. How does she do it? Becca has been preparing for this moment all her life, running competitively since 6 years old! However, we recently got in touch to ask her about her training tips for runners, and how everyone can take the proper measures to reach their own personal goals.

Training Tip #1: Pace Yourself

“Choose a race or goal to work toward in your training, and increase your weekly mileage by progressing gradually,” states Becca. “Use the 10% rule as a guideline and give your body the time it needs to adapt to the stress of running.”

Running injuries happen all the time, and can range from something minor, like a rolled ankle, to other injuries that are far more severe. Starting small and working your way up gradually, like Becca advises, can help prevent injuries that might set your back from your goal.

Training Tip #2: Cross Train

“Cross training helps runners with their balance, helps strengthen their core, and increases strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn’t typically reach,” Becca says. It can be beneficial for runners to mix up their routines to stay fit. This can involve anything from yoga, biking, or swimming, to other types of running, like hill runs or tempo runs.

Training Tip #3: Keep a Training Log

“If you don’t have a training log, start one to use and refer to later in your training,” Becca advises. “Log variables like the weather, your route, food you ate the previous night, or things you consume during your runs. Making note of important factors during your training will help you stay on track.” Sometimes, seeing yourself progress can be all the motivation you need to complete your goal. Keeping a log will not only help to keep you on your path, but will be a reminder of the progress you’re making and urge you to keep going!

Training Tip #4: Practice Injury Prevention

Becca has never suffered a running-related injury, which is astonishing to think about given how frequently and continually she runs. All runners should practice basic post run recovery and injury prevention techniques; everything from warm up and cool down runs, to utilizing ice wraps and following the RICE method. Following her own strict method, Becca treats her body very carefully—she uses Dr. Cool ice and compression wraps post workout to reduce inflammation for recovery and injury prevention. You can never be too careful when protecting your body!

Becca begins the World Marathon Challenge on January 23rd. With the help of her three main sponsors, Lyon Waugh Auto Group, Ultima Replenisher, and Dr. Cool, she seeks to become the first American female to participate in and finish the epic race. Keep following Dr. Cool through our blog and social media accounts to learn more about Becca and her quest to complete the 2016 World Marathon Challenge!