How to Transition your Summer Workouts to the Fall

Just because the summer has come to an end doesn’t mean the awesome summer workouts have too!  The Fall season is actually one of the best times for outdoor activities!  Though the summer weather is great, sometimes it is too hot, even dangerously hot to do anything in the sun.  The Fall season offers a relief from the oppressive heat without the pain of snow and ice.  Fall gives way to a whole new landscape of beautiful colors and crisp fresh air.  Here are some suggestions for transitioning your summer workout into the fall.

Add layers! Before the snow hits and the ice covers the ground, you can still do almost all of your outdoor workouts. You may just need to add a couple layers of clothing to make sure your joints and muscles don’t get too cold.  As your body heats up you can shed a layer or two.  Also, make sure to take into consideration the change in daylight.  The sunrise is later in the morning and the sunsets earlier at night so you may have to modify what time you do your activities, for example do your workouts before dinner instead of after or during your lunch break!  We don’t advise running, cycling or walking when it’s dark, but if you do make sure you wear bright colors and invest in reflector vests or jackets.

Another great way to still enjoy the outdoors in the fall is by playing games.  Why not kick off every football Sunday with a pickup game in the morning? Not only is it a workout, but it is fun and social.  If you aren’t the football type, no worries, try a game of soccer or baseball or maybe even some ultimate Frisbee!  Just because it is getting cooler doesn’t mean you have to give up on the outdoors. Enjoy every season!

Lastly, Just because it is getting colder does not mean you can skip icing that injury, so make sure you have your Dr.Cool Wraps on hand. If you don’t have one yet check out our line of ice and compression recovery wraps for shoulders, ankles, wrists, knees, and more.

Happy Autumn!