Summer Isn’t The Only Reason To Get Fit!

Saturday the 21st (This Saturday!!) is the official start to summer! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, like a dream in comparison to the harsh bitter cold winter we had here in the Northeast. This Saturday is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.  Dr. Cool would like to encourage you to go out and take advantage of those extra hours of daylight (remember when the sun used to set at 4 p.m.?).  Of course if amidst all of this excitement you think that it’s too late to get your summer in shape goals, you’ve got it all wrong!

First off, we need to throw away this idea that we only get in shape for a couple months out of the whole year.  You can begin your own journey to fitness at any time.  There are 365 days in the year, no need to be picky!  Even more importantly, the journey doesn’t end when a new season begins.  Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle and not seasonal goal.  In fact, each season can bring fun changes to all of your workouts.  The beginning of summer just means you can take more workouts outside, go swimming, or hike without fear of snow!

Another idea we need to throw out is achieving a “bikini body” by summer and if you haven’t then you’ve done something wrong.  As previously stated, fitness and attaining health is a journey and a lifestyle, no matter where you’re at in your dietary or exercise regimen, you’re doing just fine! If you’re motivated to become healthy and wear a bikini or swim shorts (men have goals to!) that’s completely fine, but don’t let that be the only thing.  Find confidence in reaching your goal.  The start of summer doesn’t mean the end of it all!  Be happy that you are working towards achievement!

The best part about the start of summer is that you don’t have to be stuck with boring gym workouts anymore.  Going kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and hiking all count as workouts!  Our favorite part of the summer season? FOOD! Fresh, healthy, FOOD! You can get it anywhere…local farm stands, grocery stores…your very own gardens. Fresh fruit and grilled veggies make eating healthy a whole lot easier!  So take advantage of the long days and warm weather.   Do your workouts/activities with friends and family.  Enjoy your days and don’t worry about specifics when it comes to fitness!  Most importantly be proud of yourself, whether you started working out months ago, weeks ago, or even just now!

Enjoy the summer season and stay cool!