Workouts To Help Increase Pain Tolerance

For runners, pain is a real and regular occurrence.  When you are running mile after mile, day after day things can get tough, and trying to increase your mileage can be even more difficult.  Many people make it a goal in life to run a half marathon, a whole marathon or even something more challenging (we are looking at you ultra-runners!).   It has been shown that long distance runners and many other athletes have a higher pain tolerance that helps them go longer, harder and faster.  We would like to provide you a couple of workouts to help work on your pain tolerance and help you accomplish great things!

Progression Workouts

Progression workouts start off easy and gradually intensify.  The workout is simple, start off running at a slow/comfortable pace and then increase your speed throughout your run (every 5 minutes, every mile, etc.).  By doing this, the intensity won’t seem so bad.  Your body will adjust step by step and won’t feel the intense jump from your start speed to your end speed.  Workouts like this can be done no matter how long your workout, whether it is a quick or long.  How long and the amount you increase at each step is completely up to you. (But always try to challenge yourself!)

Interval Workouts

Interval workouts aren’t known for being the most fun workouts but they are good for you in many ways.  They get your heart rate up and burn a ton of calories, but they also can help with your pain tolerance.  Most runners know that you keep a steady comfortable pace and usually wait until the end of a race for the kick.  An interval workout is all about working your hardest right from the start and holding on to it through your whole workout.  Not only does this force you to work through the pain to keep going but it has the added benefit of helping to increase your overall speed.  Doing sprint workouts, like performing 15x200m runs with minimal rest between, 10x400m runs, or even doing hills can accomplish this.  It is up to you and what sort of race you are training for.

Increasing your overall pain tolerance will help any runner’s performance.  These workouts shouldn’t be done every day.  They are meant to be intense and to push you. Always keep in mind the most important part of your workout routine is your rest day. Remember to help your body recovery with ice and compression products, like Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go wraps.

Happy Training!