YOU vs. The Heat: The #1 way to battle the hottest year in known history

“The first six months of the year have been the hottest since global temperature records were compiled 136 years ago.”

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Now that’s a way to start a conversation! It’s true 2015 is panning out to be the hottest year on record, at least since we’ve been taking records! Heavy rains have plagued Turkey and the Ohio River Valley, and there has been soaring temperatures in usual places such as Alaska and Spain. The world is experiencing a heat wave making this the hottest year and it’s accompanied with extreme weather like no other.

To help battle these unusually hot months, take time to keep yourself cool! With more and more hot days it’s important to be prepared for the changing weather, especially for people who are active outdoors!

Cooling shirts and other accessories can be a huge asset to help fight against the heat. Dr. Cool chemical-free cooling shirts take your sweat and circulate it throughout the shirt helping to cool it down (up to 30% cooler than your skin temperature!). How does Dr. Cool do it? The chemical-free moisture and sweat activated material delivers three distinct functions – wicking, moisture circulation, and regulated evaporation – to reduce the fabric’s surface temperature by up to 30%, and since they’re chemical-free, the cooling benefits never wash out. In addition to cooling shirts and accessories there are other important tips to follow:

  • Drink lots of water and/or natural fruit juices, even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • If you don’t have air conditioning, keep drapes drawn and blinds closed on the sunny side of your home, but keep windows opened slightly
  • Fans alone may not provide enough cooling if temp is too hot
  • Go to air conditioned places such as malls, libraries, community centers or a friend’s house with air conditioning
  • Spend time near water (pools, lakes or waterfront where it is cooler)
  • Wear loose fitting, light close
  • Keep lights off or low
  • Take a cool bath or shower to cool down
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee or soda – they often cause dehydration
  • Avoid going outside in the sun. If you must, seek shade
  • Avoid heavy meals and using your oven
  • Avoid intense or moderately intense physical activity
  • Never leave a child or pet in a parked car or asleep in direct sunlight


As the world heats up, follow the tips above and remember that Dr. Cool has you covered with cooling apparel and accessories to help you stay cool and comfortable during every activity. Dr. Cool has integrated our chemical-free cooling fabric into a variety of shirts and accessories for all of your activities. We have polo’s and hats, which are great for golf or tennis, tanks and headbands for the gym and yoga, and shirts for runners and hiking! Stay ahead of the game and wear the coolest!

1 Toronto Public Health and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS)