Don’t Let Injuries Stop You

The alarm goes off, you lace up and you’re heading out for your morning run, like you do every morning. You’ve got a good tempo going, playlist on point but then something happens! The dreaded bump in the road, stray twig or pot hole! Doesn’t matter, you rolled your ankle and now you are 2 miles away from your house and stumble all the way back home.

We’ve all been there. In fact, 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain everyday. It happens at the gym, running outside, during that oddly intense yoga class or even at work. What do you normally do after that? Head for your usual injury wrap concoction,  a mix of compression wraps and ice packs to help get the swelling down and reduce the pain. Ice packs can be messy and keep you in one place. On average, injuries take 7.3 days of recovery with ice and 10.2 days of rest without ice. This can be a huge problem for the on the go people.

We made Dr. Cool Wraps to make life easier by combining ice and compression. You still may need to take some days off, but Dr. Cool Wraps makes the recovery process easier and can even go anywhere you go! Let’s face it, we can’t stop the injuries from happening, but with Dr. Cool Wraps, we can take the hassle out and help you stay moving!

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