The New R.I.C.E. Method

If you’re an athlete, physical trainer or even just injury prone, surely you have heard of the infamous R.I.C.E. method.


4 magically descriptive instructions that help facilitate injury recovery. For years, doctors and other professionals have been telling you – “Take it easy, put an ice pack on your injury, wrap it with an Ace Bandage and put it up on a pillow.

Sure the R.I.C.E. acronym made it easy to remember all of those steps, but what if you could make it easier than that? What if you could cut one of those extra steps out by combining them?

Having a Recovery-On-The-Go wrap certainly makes it easier to combine ice and compression at the same time. The only thing you have to rest is your anxiety about sitting still! You now have the freedom to elevate your mobility!

Now that a lot of you have had the chance to experience Dr. Cool Recovery-On-The-Go wraps first hand (or ankle, or knee!) what are some of YOUR recovery stories with Dr. Cool? Tell us in the comments section!