Using Ice to Prevent Injuries

We tend to reach for the ice wrap after an injury has already occurred, but wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent that injury from the start? Many athletes don’t wait for the injury to occur to start icing. Icing after intense runs or workouts helps fight inflammation and can speed recovery up. This is ideal for anyone training for a big race or competition. Going from a half to a full marathon? Going from a 5K to a 10K? Or just started CrossFit and it feels like your muscles are actually mad at you? Icing is guaranteed to speed up recovery and decrease soreness.

Another great trick to post-workout is using compression. Research has shown that compression can increase lactic-acid and heart rate recovery. Compression regulates your blood flow to help you recover and keep running at your best.

For most of us though, dropping into an ice bath is a little too much – even after leg day. Using Dr. Cool Wraps combines the ice and compression for an all in one recovery tool.  Combining both rescues your muscles from hours of soreness and allows you to continue your training day in and day out. Ice is great to help cure an injury, but all runners can agree that we’d much rather prevent an injury before it even happens. Luckily, Dr. Cool Wraps combines the recovery power of ice and compression all into one wrap for simplicity and your convenience! Run on!