Wrist Wrap


When we designed the Dr. Cool Active Support wrist wrap to reduce symptoms of common wrist ailments, we added high-grip silicone so it stays in place while you’re on the go. Recovery doesn’t have to be a roadblock to your active lifestyle. Get the wrist support you need and get back in action.

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Tecnology & Features

  • Mechanically-engineered, chemical-free cooling technology never washes out
  • Comfortex technology prevents heat retention and excessive sweating
  • High-grip silicone eliminates slippage
  • Hook and loop for an adjustable fit
  • Thumbhole for ease of placement
  • Ambidextrous design for use on both left and right wrist
  • Latex and neoprene free


Place thumb through thumb hole, wrap brace over top on hand and secure snugly. Make sure wrap is not cutting off circulation.


This product is not intended a substitute for medical care. Always seek the advice of a medical professional the proper diagnosis and treatment of pain, injury or irritation